Review Policy

What I like to read and review:
Most of the books I read are YA ones, but I do read the occasional adult novel as well. I generally love my stories with a bit of paranormal or dystopia about them, but anything with a great sassy protagonist and a fast, engaging plot is great! Of course anything with even a hint of romance in it is always a winner, and a great love story is the best story of all!

What I'm not so keen on:
I've been known to read almost anything which has words on it (hello random pieces of junkmail), but the one thing I don't do is horror (paranormal is good, disturbing/gory/pee-in-your-pants scary not so good). I am a grade A certifiable wuss!  I've never once seen a scary movie, nor do I ever plan to (the previews already keep me up at night!).

The reviews:
I'll be honest, I will be very honest in my reviews. That's not to say I'm going to just trash every book I don't like, it just means that if I see a flaw I'll call on it. I spend a lot of time analyzing which books are worth me buying and which ones aren't (my poor student budget can't afford every book out there that I'd love to read), so if you see a lot of positive reviews it'll be because well, I buy the books I think I'd actually like to read =)

If you are a publisher and would like to send a book for me to review I would be more than happy to oblige. Please contact me at or through this form here