Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love Letter To My Literary Crush

In honour of all the other poor (and definitely more swoon worthy) literary men who will no doubt be rather neglected when Eclipse is released today/tomorrow if you're in Australia, Frankie from Frankie Writes is holding a blogfest for everyone to write to their non-Edward/Jacob literary crushes. It was so hard to choose the most crush worthy guy from all the books I've read, so I cheated and picked two =) If you want to participate or check out others who are participating, follow the link here

Dear Ariel (from the Theatre Illuminata Series by Lisa Mantchev) ,

You do know that you're meant to be a girl right? Or at least that's what most people assume Ariel from The Tempest is supposed to be. And then there's the whole mermaid thing. Don't worry though, I'd totally pick you over Nate any day- girly name or not.  You're complex and I love that. You aren't particulary good or bad, and its nice to find someone who isn't completely one or the other in YA fiction once in awhile. Your love for Bertie is magical, and it's your intensity which makes me swoon. You're almost like a sick puppy in the way that you keep coming back after Bertie keeps rejecting you in Book 2, just because you love her ridiculously. I very much hope that you two work out, but I promise to love you and your butterflies either way.

Dear Jonah (from Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta),

That one scene where you and Taylor are cuddling in bed after an awful day and she ask's you what you're thinking and you reply "That you deserve romance", will forever be imprinted in my mind as one of the sweetest moments in YA fiction (yes I realize it doesn't sound so great there but in context it was lovely). I don't watch Glee, but I know a character said something like that too, but heck you said it first!  Being built like a rugby player and quite inclined to violence, you're definitely not the kind of guy I usually go for. But you stick by Taylor through everything, despite being as broken as you are as well, and that is beautiful. You also automatically know exactly what to order her for breakfast and that says more about how much you care about someone than 3 little words ever could.



  1. Jonah!! X3
    Loved your letter!

  2. Love your Jonah letter... *swoony sigh*
    But Ariel? Ugh. :D I have a small thing for pirates.